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I am Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Object Management Group, Inc. (OMG). Here I am, in living color and (younger) black & white (click for bigger versions):

You can have some fun with my photos, or see my official page if you're interested.

Besides my main duties at OMG, I was a founder of, and remain an active part of OMG's conference and seminar sponsorship as an advisor to Camelot Communications's Integrate conference and other related activities.

Before that, I was a cofounder and former Chairman/CEO of A. I. Architects, Inc., maker of the 386 HummingBoard and other PC and workstation hardware and software. The company still exists, though with a different mission and name (Ergo Computer Solutions).

Reaching back further into the mysts of time,I was involved in the early days of both Symbolics and PictureTel, and also consulted for IBM, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Gold Hill Computer and an amusing selection of both living and now-defunct software start-ups.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., I hold the bachelor's ('82), master's ('85) and doctoral ('89) degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

My older brother David has discovered the Web. Despite his legal training, he's actually a very nice guy. Go take a look at the establishment. And here's my sister-in-law Jackie and nephew Daniel.

Here's a picture of the family (including myself, Isabel, Alexander and Micheline, March 1996, enjoying the opening party for a restaurant run by some friends. Visit Cafe Barada in Arlington, Massachusetts for great middle-eastern food.

Here's a picture of our neighbor Elizabeth Brami with my kids in April, 1996. Elizabeth is now a U.S. citizen as you can see!

Here's a picture of my kids holding their new cousin, Jacob Soley; and a couple more of Jacob, plus his dad my brother Tim.

The Object Management Group is run by Bill Hoffman and me; I've known and worked with Bill for over 20 years. And boy do we know how to have a good time:

Richard Mark Soley (richard@soley.com)